Weekday Update

^This is the most recent celebration cake I made. Spacing polka dots is more challenging than you would think!

How are you doing today? I feel like it is more important now than ever to check up on the people around us. As a natural introvert, being isolated is not a problem for me. But the general atmosphere of cheerlessness even has this wallflower wilt a little. All the gyms are closed so I’ve been jumping rope for exercise and trying to learn how to jog while jumping rope like Rocky. I tend to laugh whenever I trip up and it echoes eerily in the air from the silence. It’s an uncertain time in the world, but I’ve been getting small joys in cooking good food, playing gin rummy and retail therapy (it’s proven to boost your mood). Here are some links to keep you entertained because cheers to social distancing and banding together to #flatteningthecurve.

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