2020 Best Buys

Hi, everyone! It’s been a while. I’ve been sharing snippets and my latest projects on instagram where I really didn’t have to sit and think about my thoughts as deeply as I do here. Somehow sharing recipes, baking projects and items that I loved seemed like it was irrelevant with what was going on. I think many other bloggers have felt the same. But 2021 seemed like a good time to get back on the train. Even though the first week of it seemed like it really was a continuation of December 2020. 

Anyway, I popped in to share some of my favorite buys of 2020. Because tbh, I never get tired of seeing other people’s list and retail therapy is very much real. 

  1. L’Oreal Paris Makeup Lash Paradise Waterproof Mascara in Blackest Black –  My Asian lashes droop almost immediately with almost any other mascara but this makes them stand straight up to the heavens. The only downside is that they’re a bit tough to erase at the end of the day but who cares because your lashes look damn good all day. 
  2. RZIV Women’s Sleeveless Sweater Dress in White – I’d live in this every day if I could. It’s thick, stretchy, and one size so you don’t have to guess what size you are. It also looks and feels way more expensive than it really is.
  3. Zara Belted Wool Blend Coat – The perfect shade of light grey that is perfectly neutral. Not too cool or warm
  4. GorGin Silicone Whisk – My upper body strength is nothing to brag about so heavy kitchen tools and I don’t mix. While a metal balloon whisk is a staple in any pantry, I love how lightweight this whisk is and it’s sturdy enough to whisk heavier sauces and frosting. Bonus: it won’t scratch up your beloved Le Creuset dutch oven
  5. Tna The Super Puff™ Long in Matte Pearl – Northeastern NJ winters are no joke and this coat is super lightweight and extremely warm. How light is it? Mr. Spatula and I went to the mall yesterday and he was carrying it in a shopping bag the entire time. When I removed it to wear outside, he was surprised that the shopping bag was almost the same weight as when he was carrying the coat!
  6. Uniqlo Seamless Down Long Coat – A cheaper alternative to the Super Puff and not as warm but it’s a fraction of the price. I wore this all winter 2018 and it served me well.
  7. CLIO Pro Layering Eye Palette in Simply Pink – Honestly, all the palettes are so pretty and easy to use. A solid mix of matte and glitter shades for those of us who think a little twinkle is an everyday must.

Happy shopping and please share your awesome finds in the comment section. I’d love to check it out 🙂 

*Heads up! Some of the links are affiliated links which means I’ll make a little commission if you purchase off of that link. All of the above products were purchased with my own money and not sponsored.

Weekday Update // Oatmeal Dressing

Oatmeal Dressing
  1. Mango Pocket Knit Cardigan in Medium Brown – A cozy topper for this finicky spring weather.
  2. H&M V-Neck Blouse in Light Beige – An airy, lightweight blouse that’ll camouflage the Covid-19 food baby.
  3. Significant Other Sabine Gathered Jersey Top in Neutral – Artfully gathered and twisted for a hint of skin when paired with a high-waisted  bottom.
  4. Wilfred Dancer Dress in Stockings Beige – Ballet  inspired shape that encourages free dancing in your living room.
  5. BLANKNYC Madison Jeans in Off White – A truly neutral jean that’ll easily pair with any top.
  6. Hermes Oasis Sandal in Blanc – An timeless Hermes style with a walkable heel to give you a little lift.
  7. Bottega Venetta Mini Pouch in Nude 20 – I’m really into the modern minimalist look and it has an optional shoulder strap.

Weekday Update // Pretty Spring Things

Hi! Just sharing some cute spring finds that make me think of warmer weather. I don’t know about you, but I miss going to the movies, eating brunch, and generally walking outside without worry. Hang in there! Please keep up the social distancing, because the more stringent we are now, the faster we can flatten the curve.

  1. Self Portrait Lace Panel Midi Dress in White – This white lace dress has the most gorgeous mix of textures.
  2. Zara Faux Leather Biker Jacket in Light Mauve – A closet staple in a fun spring color which makes it the perfect transition piece.
  3. Wilfred Twirl Skirt in Camille – Permission to twirl, spin, swish, sashay all you want in this dramatic a-line skirt.
  4. H&M Hooded Jacket in Powder Pink – For when you’re social distancing and jogging outside with your playlist as your companion.
  5. Colourpop Sweet Talk Eyeshadow Palette – I purchased this coral hued palette a year ago and still use it almost daily!
  6. Self Portrait Grosgrain Layered Lace Maxi Dress in Mint – The perfect mint dress.
  7. Wilfred Odyssey Dress in White – Major early 00’s vibe here with the smocked bodice, but updated with a sexy slit and a waist defining silhouette

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Weekday Update

^This is the most recent celebration cake I made. Spacing polka dots is more challenging than you would think!

How are you doing today? I feel like it is more important now than ever to check up on the people around us. As a natural introvert, being isolated is not a problem for me. But the general atmosphere of cheerlessness even has this wallflower wilt a little. All the gyms are closed so I’ve been jumping rope for exercise and trying to learn how to jog while jumping rope like Rocky. I tend to laugh whenever I trip up and it echoes eerily in the air from the silence. It’s an uncertain time in the world, but I’ve been getting small joys in cooking good food, playing gin rummy and retail therapy (it’s proven to boost your mood). Here are some links to keep you entertained because cheers to social distancing and banding together to #flatteningthecurve.

Weekday Update // Currently Loving

Valentine’s Day is coming and I’ve got hues of red and pink on the brain. Funnily enough, I don’t own many red colored clothing. I think maybe it’s because they tend to be statement pieces. But there are so many cute options this season and I kinda want everything.

  1. Self Portrait 3D Floral Azaelea Dress in Tomato Red – I’ve always loved self-portrait’s famous azaelea dress, but I prefer this version with the additional details.
  2. Sézane Jack Sneakers in Nude – Love the shape of the shoe with the clean lines and the blush color is just perfect.
  3. YSL Touche Éclat Pen in Dazzling Lights – I’ve tried all the “dupes” and nothing comes close to this miracle in a tube. It makes me look instantly awake and alert. I just wish it wasn’t so pricey. Sometimes I turn an extra click by accident and I feel like I’m wasting money. Hahaha J Worth every penny and I adore the festive packaging on this version.
  4. Waitress the Broadway Musical – Saw this the past week and I just about died fangirling over Jason Mraz on the inside. If you know me personally, you would know that I’ve been a big fan since high school. I met him after the show after waiting in the cold for an hour. But being the introvert that I am, just stood there quietly while he signed my Playbill. We made eye contact though, and Mr. H kept coaxing me to take a selfie with him, which we kinda did at the end but I have that oh-so-awkward smile that I always have when I’m not 100% comfortable so I’ll just keep it to myself. Unfortunately, Jason won’t be performing after the 11th of February, but it’s just as worth watching for Sara Bareilles. So talented!
  5. H&M Short Chiffon Dress – I’m a fan of the ruffled shoulder details and the ruffled skirt. The polka dots are also a chic detail.
  6. Sézane Line Blouse in Red Poppy – How beautiful is the lace pattern on this shirt? Plus, that flattering square neck in the back makes this just about the most romantic top.
  7. Candy Corpse’ Hot Hams Pin – Because Calcifer is one of my favorite Miyazaki characters and this pin is so stinking cute.


Weekday Update

Hold your horses, Halloween candy is already in stores. As much as I love the transition of summer to fall, it’s just too early! Here are some of my favorite things this summer:

  1. This embroidered v-neck dress. I love the ruffle detail around the waist and the flattering cut. Eat as much as you want, your belly won’t show. 😉
  2. How cute is this eyelet top? The bows on the shoulder lets you adjust the length and is so on-trend.
  3. The perfect summer blue skirt will give even your simplest white shirt a romantic twist.
  4. This primer is admittedly a luxe buy, but worth every penny. I usually don’t bother with primer but this is holy grail status. It doesn’t make me break out, or dry out my already dry skin, and makes foundation go on super smooth. No pilling or patchiness here! Plus, the refreshing cucumber scent makes it a treat to put on in the morning.
  5. Love the different stripes on this shirt. Plus, the round zipper gives it a retro twist.
  6. I’ve been eyeing these loafers for so long. The sling back detail keeps it from being basic and the design is so classic.
  7. Warm weather stirs up my wanderlust and I’m in love with these suitcases. They come in many colors but the navy is my favorite.

How are you spending your summer? Any favorites you want to share with me?

*I am not sponsored or paid to share my picks with you. Just sharing what I’ve been loving lately.

Weekday Update

elephant baby boy cake

  • I made this elephant baby boy cake for a baby shower. The elephant is from the invitation. I just love putting personal touches on a cake.

elephant fondant

  • I got this beautiful chunky infinity scarf in marble. Super warm AND it benefits Haitian orphans. Win-Win.
  • Please, please tell me you’ve registered to vote and will vote on or before November 8th. This video of President Obama is hilarious. “You know how you beat LeBron James one on one? Get there 45 minutes early. Then it’s one-on-none.”

Weekday Update


*I spent too much time on Monday morning trying to get Bear and Pusheen to be friends. He was not amused.
*I spent too much time Monday morning trying to get Bear and Pusheen to be friends. He was not amused.


  • I’m officially on the Stranger Things train. My favorite character is Dustin. Who is yours?
  • Whaaaaaaaaattttt… a Pumpkin Spice Latte beer?? Must find and try.img_4229
  • I spent a part of my Labor Day weekend in Findlay, Ohio for my cousin’s wedding. Farms. Everywhere. Other than that, it was a beautiful, small town wedding. (L to R: That’s me, my cousin- Debbie, my sister-Rachel, and my other cousin-Joseph)
  • My current favorite makeup is the Tarte water foundation. It literally melts into your skin and is incredibly weightless. Bonus, it will not oxidize on your skin.
  • I got this bag  (in black) as a birthday gift for myself. I’m loving it.
  • I also received this necklace as a birthday gift. I love it. It goes with everything.
  • Try as I might, I cannot spend $800 on a pair of boots. I tried just about every option out there for a pair that would hug my legs as tight as Stuart Weitzmans and I finally found it. Call off the search party.
  • I haven’t watched the suicide squad yet, but I had to get these Funko Pop keychains. Adorable.
  • Football season has officially begun. I benched C.J. Anderson and I’m crying on the inside.

Weekday Update // Currently Loving…


  1. Tory Burch Cecile Sandal – I love the gold detail on the heel. So unique and the very walkable heel is a bonus.
  2. Uniqlo Rayon Check Shirt – Incredibly light and wrinkle resistant, which is perfect for hot and humid northeast summers. I got both the gray and the blue because they’re so versatile.
  3. DC Fix Adhesive Film in Grey Marble – 1) Marble is expensive. 2) I am not strong enough to lift and move a slab of marble every time I want to shoot photos for the blog. This faux marble sticker works well on any surface and mimics the effect wonderfully.
  4. Korres Greek Yoghurt Foaming Cream Cleanser – I have very dry skin and any cleanser that thoroughly cleanses my skin usually makes my face feel tight and dry. This is one of the few cleansers that gets rid of all traces of makeup, even stubborn eyeliner and mascara AND isn’t drying to the skin. Holy Grail status.
  5. Naps and Entrees Shaker Set – Is this not the cutest salt and pepper shaker set? Pandas are always adorable.
  6. Club Monaco Valencia Sandal – I’m in love with gingham these days and the multi-wrap ankle strap makes it slightly sexy.


Weekday Update // Currently Loving…

april 7 2016* I realized that one category of blog posts that I love to read are monthly/weekly favorites. I love learning about new products and finds from other people. So I decided to share some of my favorite things too.

  1. Mansur Gavriel Lady Bag – No matter how many purses I look at, I always come back to this bag. Perfect in its simplicity and shape. It’s such a shame that it goes out of stock so quickly.
  2. Zara Printed Ballerinas – Goes with everything and incredibly comfortable. It’s super light too!
  3. The Original Beauty Blender – It’s what I’m currently using to apply foundation. Fast, fool proof application every single time. Just remember to wet it thoroughly and squeeze out the excess water.
  4. B.P. Straw Boater Hat – I first saw this on Blair Eadie on her blog (I love every single outfit of hers.) and had to have it. Bonus,  it’s on sale!
  5.  Stuart Weitzman Nudist Heels – The shoe that inspired a thousand copies. I’ve looked at them all, and nothing beats the original.
  6. Gentle Monster Love Punch Sunglasses – I’ve been waiting for these to come back in stock. I love the uniqueness of the frames.