Weekday Update // Oatmeal Dressing

Oatmeal Dressing
  1. Mango Pocket Knit Cardigan in Medium Brown – A cozy topper for this finicky spring weather.
  2. H&M V-Neck Blouse in Light Beige – An airy, lightweight blouse that’ll camouflage the Covid-19 food baby.
  3. Significant Other Sabine Gathered Jersey Top in Neutral – Artfully gathered and twisted for a hint of skin when paired with a high-waisted  bottom.
  4. Wilfred Dancer Dress in Stockings Beige – Ballet  inspired shape that encourages free dancing in your living room.
  5. BLANKNYC Madison Jeans in Off White – A truly neutral jean that’ll easily pair with any top.
  6. Hermes Oasis Sandal in Blanc – An timeless Hermes style with a walkable heel to give you a little lift.
  7. Bottega Venetta Mini Pouch in Nude 20 – I’m really into the modern minimalist look and it has an optional shoulder strap.

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