Weekday Update

pink swirl cakeIt’s been a quiet few weeks on the busy spatula. Mostly, I’ve been busy filling cake orders and baking here and there. Not enough photos to write an actual blog about, but just enough for a glimpse of what’s been going on. (If you follow me on Instagram, you probably saw some of these already.)

Pink and Gold Swirl Cake – It’s such a whimsical cake, I couldn’t help taking close up photos of this one. Swirled with pastel pink and white frosting then filled to the brim with pearls, gold stars, and dragees. It was four layers of chocolate cake filled with toffee coffee frosting.


Baymax Macarons – I wanted to post these for Valentine’s Day, but I never had the time. Place a few red heart sprinkles on each macaron and draw in two circles and connect with a line with a black edible color marker. I filled the inside with some leftover strawberry frosting. So simple and very cute.

baymax macarons baymax macarons

Pink Ombre Ranunculus Cake – The inside of this cake was layered with layers of pink ombre cake. Filled with fresh strawberry frosting and topped with fresh ranunclus, it was so pretty. I originally wanted peonies, but the florist didn’t have any that were in bloom. Did you know that you had to order peonies in advance? I never knew.

pink ombre flower cakeranunculus flowers on cake

5 thoughts on “Weekday Update

  1. Dear Giselle, i found you through Pinterest and through your amazing Cake. Can you please tell me how did you created that look of your cake in tha last Picture? Did you used a Spatula or did you aplyed the Butter Cream with a flat Tip? Thank you so much in Advanced

    1. Hi, Vicky! For the ombre cake, What I did was frost the entire cake smooth with buttercream with the ombre effect. Then, I took a small offset spatula and applied a slight pressure starting from the bottom and moving it slightly up as I turned the turntable. Keep moving your hand slightly up as you turn, making a swirl pattern. It is important not to put too much pressure as it would take too much frosting off of the cake. What you want to do is leave a slight indent on the cake. I hope this helps!

      1. That helps a alot. Thank you so much for your quick responce. Many Greetings from Munich

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